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The 4 Don’ts of Debt

“Thank you. I’m looking forward to getting started! I’ll talk to you soon, bye.”  Ted hangs up the phone. He cannot wait to go home

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Culture of Generosity

Tithe: What Does It Really Mean?

One of the most misused words in churches is “Tithe” There are several different uses and definitions of the word; some accurate and some not

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UMC General Conference

This is written for everyone, but especially with my United Methodist Church friends in mind. Having spent many years of my adult life in the

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Smart Money For Church Salaries

Salary and church compensation mistakes are all too common. These mistakes cost churches great staff, strong vision, and kingdom investment. Our team at Generis has

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The Big Shift

Since the turn of the century, we have seen a significant shift in church attendance that shows people are attending much less frequently than they did

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Alan serves as Vice President of Generis, a company that exists to accelerate generosity toward the church's God-inspired vision.

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