Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

On The Front Lawn

As we all have entered into year two of Covid I have been trying to be intentional about finding the positives over the last 14 months and identifying the things I am thankful for that have either been caused by Covid or have been radically changed.

One radical change was the high school experience for my daughter. She is a sophomore and is in the middle of what should be some of the best years of her life. Covid has radically altered her experience but at the end of her sophomore year there is much to be thankful for.

She is most involved in the Arts program at her school in a variety of ways but chorus is certainly high on her priority list. The chorus concerts this year were radically different and the spring concert and banquet were no exceptions.

Due to Covid restrictions, the decision was made to have the concert on the front lawn of the school and to incorporate the banquet into the evening. These are typically two separate events that the kids most look forward to. It was disappointing they could not have both separately but I am SO thankful to the directors (yes, we have two chorus directors) and the Chorus Board for being creative and dare I say ‘pivoting’ to come up with an awesome solution!

I am so thankful for people who care about kids so much they are willing to be creative and do things like never before just so the kids can have an amazing experience. The directors and board leaders gave countless hours to this process and created a once in a lifetime experience for all of the singers and families.

I am not thankful for Covid. I am thankful for the creativity, thoughtfulness and generosity that people are showing because of Covid.

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