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Alan Wildes

Be Renewed

July 4 often signifies for many pastors and church leaders the turning of the page toward fall. That conversation often includes the question “What will we do this fall for our stewardship campaign?” This year that question is more important than ever.

In July 2020 pastors and leaders are exhausted. Every pastor I talk to says the past 4 months have been the most demanding of their careers. 

As a leader you need renewal. Renewal of your energy, passion and creativity. 

We ALL need renewed heartsminds, and spirits to inspire the hope that God will strengthen each of us through this crisis.

To help fully fund your new season of ministry, Generis is offering a comprehensive budget campaign in the fall of 2020; Be Renewed.

I have had the pleasure of creating Be Renewed with my colleague Chris Stovall.  Erin English of Generis and the Level Up podcast was kind enough to have Chris and I on last week to discuss Be Renewed.  You can listen here.

Schedule a time here to connect to discuss how Be Renewed can inspire the people of your church this fall to renew their passion for giving in uncertain times.

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  1. Alan

    Thank you for your online course through Discipleship Ministries of the United Methodist Church.

    I have also listened to your podcast interview.

    I would appreciate learning more about Be Renewed and how it might benefit the spiritual mentoring of the congregation I serve.

    God bless!


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