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Alan Wildes

What Does a Generosity Initiative Do For Your Church, Really?

In 2020, churches all around the country will get to raise money for exciting projects. They’ll take on new construction projects, purchase new property, pay off millions in debts, grow their ministries or hire new staff members for exciting opportunities. Fortunately for me, I’ll get to play a role in a few of those churches and help them live out their God-inspired vision.

Now there’s an obvious reason for generating monies for a project. But what about the other outcomes that come with a capital campaign, one fund, operating budget or from generosity coaching?

Here’s 5 things that churches can experience when they go through the process of accelerating their generosity in a generosity initiative:

1. The pastor can become more confident when talking about money. 

Out of ten pastors, maybe one will enjoy or feel confident preaching/teaching about money. It is no secret that preaching about money is difficult. But as a leader, it feels good to have a successful campaign under your belt, and the experience can definitely bring confidence on teaching the subject the next time around. 

2. The congregation can relax when the pastor talks about money. 

When your pastor feels more confident, they will most likely do a much better job relating to their congregation and preaching about money. Walls come down and attendance doesn’t drop during the next topical series around finances. In fact, it is usually the opposite. Those who attend church will say finances are not something they want to discuss on Sunday mornings until they experience the change that generosity makes in their own lives.

3. The congregation can benefit not only from giving to their church, but how they handle the rest of their budget, too.

U.S. Bank did a study and found that only about one in three households use a budget. Those families are attending your church and they are in your pews. A big generosity initiative such as giving to a capital campaign or building project might just be the thing they need to help them get serious about their finances. “My wife and I had a budget, but we got a lot more serious about it when we felt called to give to our church over and above. We’ve experienced serious blessings because of it,” said one millennial in a church I worked with.

4. The newfound enthusiasm for living and giving generously often continues well after the campaign is over.

Once your congregation has experienced generosity in new ways, they will know that they really can give more and trust God in bigger ways than they previously anticipated. A generosity initiative is not just about raising funds for a building; it is about showing people the next step in the generosity journey they can take in handing their finances over to God.

5. The church’s leadership can have healthier crucial conversations regarding finances.

Maybe leadership has experienced frustrating conversations around the budget or where money is spent. With some proper coaching through an initiative, your leadership teams can be empowered with a new insight to leading those difficult decisions. These teams can gain wisdom regarding generosity, stewardship and trusting God with the budget.

My prayer is that through your generosity initiative that your God-inspired vision will be funded. The rewarding part about a generosity initiative is that often times that isn’t the only prayer that is answered. 

Are you revving up for a capital campaign? Be on the lookout for these 5 outcomes. Going through a capital campaign at your church will have spiritual implications. Here’s how you can prepare for your upcoming capital campaign

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