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Car Rides

I love my family.  I love everything about them; even the oddities and the annoying ticks and the way they cough and such.  I love how loud they are and how many words they have.  (My family has a LOT of words!)  We have spent a lot of time together over the years due to homeschooling our kids through middle school.  We used to go everywhere together and because of that we spent a crazy amount of time together in the Carolina Blue Honda Odyssey.

Today we were on our way to the Florida panhandle for a few days at the beach during fall break.  Not sure how Milton High School and Samford University’s fall breaks fell on the same weekend but hey, I’ll take it.  My fall has had me on more airplanes than my previous 20 years combined and I knew in August that by mid-October we would all need some time to get away.  Miramar Beach here we come.

If you know me at all you know that I hate traffic.  I recognize that I am certainly not alone with that sentiment but my family will tell you that I get umpire agitated at traffic.  However, on this trip south through crazy Atlanta traffic I was only basketball referee agitated.  There is something calming for me these days when I have my wife, son and daughter in one place.  I never used to understand my mama pleading and almost crying “I just want to have everyone all together for a little while.”  

I guess I am officially old because I completely understand.

This August we dropped my daughter off at Milton High school on a Monday and my son off at Samford University two days later.  Our lives and home were forever changed in a three day time span.  It’s not a bad thing but it is definitely different and it definitely brought more than a few tears.  It has been quite the adjustment for me and my wife and I know the adjustments are just beginning.  

I am proud of my kids and what they are accomplishing.  They are thriving and excelling and “daw gawn it.  People like them.”  

It causes great pride in my soul to see how they are growing into the wonderful, self-aware, humble, sarcastic, passionate, opinionated and loving people we have raised them to be. 

As I drove my family today I was reminded of these feelings and realized how much I love my family.

I also realized I am turning into a dad meme.  

I’m good with that.

I like car rides with my family.  

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