Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

3 Things Every UMC Pastor Should Do Today (2-27-19)

General Conference has come and gone. Most of the Christian world was watching and the people in United Methodist Churches certainly were.

On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, the people of each UMC want to know what the results mean; especially to their local church. Pastors, they want to hear from you!

There are 3 things I think each UMC Pastor should do in the next five days:

1. Send an email to your people. Share with them the following:

  • What the vote was about.
  • What the result of the vote was.
  • What the vote means for the big United Methodist Church.
  • What the vote means for your conference, district, and local church.

You may not have all of the details, but tell them what you know. Please do not forward them an email from someone else or articles from media outlets. You can use these resources for information, but this email should be in your own words.

You should also include any upcoming information opportunities regarding the vote. Also, consider sharing this letter on social media.

2. Schedule an in-person opportunity for people to come and listen, ask questions, and pray. People need to be with each other.

3. Talk about the vote during worship on Sunday, March 3rd.

  • Your people need to hear from you and the potential ramifications of the vote.
  • Again, you may not have all the details, but tell them what you know.

The only thing worse than no information is bad information. If you don’t fill the information gap, your people will fill it in themselves with info from sources other than you. I’m guessing you don’t want that.

One Reply to “3 Things Every UMC Pastor Should Do Today (2-27-19)”

  1. Wont be in pulpit 3/3 but have done #1. The district is doing #2. And I’ll do #3 on 3/10 when I’m back.
    Thanks Alan for the reminder/tips.
    Richard Moeller

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