Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

July Celebration

July is a celebratory month.  It is our nation’s largest single celebration of the year.  July 4th is certainly a worthy event to celebrate.

July also is the first month of the third quarter of the year which obviously means we just finished the second quarter.  So, we shouldn’t just celebrate the 4th in worship in July, but we should also plan a ministry celebration in the month of July as well.

I haven’t figured it out yet, but churches stop communicating in July.  It’s like we give everyone a pass.  Yet July is typically the lowest giving month in the fiscal year in churches.  You can’t stop communicating about all of the ways lives were changed because of your church due to the generosity of the people of the church.

So, go back to April and begin looking at all of the events, activities, services, mission trips, etc. that took place in your church.  Who all was involved?  What were the results?  Did anyone receive Christ into their lives?  Was a relationship restored?  Did you see a large increase in first time attendees?  Did you have any first time givers?

Plan to make an announcement in worship on Sunday, July 16.  Make the announcement right before the offering.  Tell the congregation we are about to have a celebration of ministry from the 2nd quarter of the year.  Have a slide show.  Create a video.  Have live testimonies.  Do whatever it takes to celebrate live and in person.  (Make sure you video the celebration so you can send it out via email on Tuesday, July 18.  You were planning to do that as well, right?)

You cultivate what you celebrate.  If you desire for your people to be generous, then you should celebrate their generosity by showing them how their generosity is changing lives here on earth and for eternity.

Happy celebrating this July.


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