Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

From ‘Tipper’ to ‘Tither’

Many have used the phrase “tipper” when referring to a casual giver.  Some find the term a little much, but it doesn’t bother me because I used to be one 🙂

“Tither” or “Tithe” is a potential hot button depending on which church you are talking to and what their background is.  At Generis we are moving away from using the word ‘tithe’ as a goal of giving and using it as a word to help describe someone’s path on the giving journey.  Giving 10% is a step in living a generous life.  Many have said “10% is the floor of giving back to God; not the ceiling.”

Every church has its fair share of ‘tippers’.  Church leaders often discuss how to engage these casual givers into a more mature understanding of what giving back to God is all about.

One way a casual giver can grow into a more mature giver is by more fully understanding the stewardship dimensions of being a follower of Christ. The day is long past when we can assume that all who have the capacity and potential to give to kingdom causes were taught well in their homes and in their churches.

Many adults who are followers of Christ were not raised in homes with Christian values. Sadder still, many who were raised in Christian homes had poor mentoring from their parents. Many would say that the church has largely abdicated its responsibility to teach “the whole counsel of God,” particularly in the area of financial stewardship.

This offers the local church a big opportunity to teach and model generosity in hopes of engaging the heart of the casual giver.

How should the church go about this?

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