Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Free eBook: Understanding and Engaging Your Givers

God made all different personalities, so why should church leaders try to reach entire congregations through just one kind of engagement? In this new eBook from Generis, entitled Understanding and Engaging Your Givers, you can learn more about the four different types of givers in your congregation. This free resource will help you discover how to engage each type of giver appropriatelyРfor their own good, and for the good of your church.

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“Count on it: your givers and potential givers are not all alike. In fact, they break down into at least four kinds of givers. This resource will help you identify, understand and engage the different type of givers in your ministry to maximize your efforts of bridging the gap between funding and vision.”

To learn more about increasing your giving by understanding more about the types of givers in your church, as well as how to properly engage them, you can download the eBook for FREE by clicking here or on the image above.

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