Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Engaging the Casual Giver

The casual givers to your church are, like the thoughtful giver, identifiable. They have likely given a gift to you in the past, or may be giving currently, although most likely at a modest level. The great opportunity with the casual giver is growing them into thoughtful or gifted givers. Any gift to your church, whether current or the distant past, indicates a level of awareness and involvement that can be built upon.

The casual giver, by definition, has at least a vague notion of their stewardship responsibility and has acted upon that at least once on behalf of your church. That should be a great encouragement and opportunity for growth. How can a casual giver be nurtured toward becoming a thoughtful or even gifted giver? Perhaps the greatest opportunity is dialogue.

  • Does the casual giver truly know why you exist and what ultimate value would be missing if you did not?
  • Do they know how their gift matters to your mission?
  • Do they remember why they gave to you in the first place?
  • Does the reason for their lapsed or casual giving have more to do with how the church stewarded their gift than the giver’s heart toward the kingdom?
  • What are their own convictions about stewardship in the kingdom?

The answers to these questions might come from some sort of survey instrument but, frankly, probably require a conversation. That, of course, is painstaking work. But it is an important responsibility of those of us who are called to gather funds for the sake of the kingdom.  The good news is that there is no race with a finish line for these conversations.


Where do you begin?

  • Work with your finance person to determine who the casual givers are in your church.
  • Identify the people on this list by how well you know them.
  • Begin setting up casual, yet intentional, meetings with the people on the list.  Take them to lunch or buy them a cup of coffee.  Meet them on their ‘turf.’
  • Meet with them and ask them questions about the church and gather their thoughts.  No need to discuss money and/or giving.
  • Proceed from there to find ways to further engage their hearts, minds, and time into the mission of the church.
  • Their giving will follow.

If you would like to know more about different types of givers, click HERE to download a free resource that will help you understand and engage your givers.

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