Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

The Ultimate Church Capital Campaign Guide

When considering a Capital Campaign, church staffs often have a lot of questionsРHow much money can we raise? What type of campaign is best for us? Are capital campaigns still successful? Is now the right time?

With our knowledge from over 3,100 successful capital campaigns over the last 26 years, Generis has compiled an incredible resource to answer these questions and many, many more. The eBook is entitled, “The Ultimate Church Capital Campaign Guide: Answering the Questions You Didn’t Even Know You Had” and is available to download here.


This resource contains:

  • Common mistakes made during Capital Campaigns
  • Tips on hiring a Capital Campaign Consultant
  • The role of the pastors
  • Developing major gifts
  • And much more!

Successful church campaigns are a result of healthy, creative, and practical preaching on finances and living in light of eternity months and even years in advance of a campaign. I would love to help make a successful Capital Campaign a reality for you and your church!

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