Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Passionate Leaders = Generosity

All successful campaigns are successful in part due to passionate leaders.  Staff and lay leaders supported the campaign with their prayers, actions, words and service.  The amount of time invested by leaders is typically too numerous to count, but everyone to the person would tell you it was worth it.  Successful campaigns yield so much more than dollars.  Spiritual growth in the individual lives all lead to a collective spiritual renewal within many churches. All because of a generosity campaign.  Who knew?!  Leaders being willing to sacrifice time and talent and go first are a huge part of any successful campaign effort.

If a church wants to ride the wave of momentum a successful generosity campaign can produce, then many of those same leaders will need to be willing to continue to lead. 

Leaders often times underestimate their impact on the congregation, but all successful pastors and churches have passionate and humble leaders.  The plan to accelerate generosity within the church must be prioritized by the leaders.  The leaders must be knowledgeable of the plans and must be willing to commit to it with all of their abilities.  Unified leaders develop unified congregations with a unified vision.

Does your church have a generosity game plan for your leaders to implement?  A generosity audit is a great place to start.

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