Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Capital Campaign Fall Out

Successful capital campaigns can be tiring.  They are worth it, but they use a lot of ‘people resources’.  The campaign is over and now the leadership has a need to re-channel some of their energy to other ministries and tasks which may have been placed on the back burner during the campaign.  The campaign was successful because of the commitment and focus of leaders, but now that the campaign is over, they must move on to other things.

The success of the campaign not only generates significant dollars in commitments, but it also generates momentum within the church staff, leaders, and laity.  So what do we do with that momentum? Experience says that without an intentional plan, most ideas will fall by the wayside quickly.  The campaign was successful for many reasons; a well thought out and written game plan significantly contributed to the spiritual and financial success.

If your church plans to continue its growth in generosity, you must have an intentional plan and it must be written down.  (Watch “Write it Down!”)  Goals for the generosity game plan must be written down with target dates for completion and written steps as to how the goals will be accomplished.  

Does your church have a generosity game plan?  A generosity audit is a great place to start.

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