Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Capital Campaign Follow-Up: Maximizing Commitments

Commitment Sunday of the capital campaign sees hundreds of people commit to making the future of the church brighter. Hundreds of people have been involved for the last six months to communicate the vision of the church and how the current proposed project will impact lives for Christ for eternity.

There have been planning meetings, communication materials developed, generosity preaching and teaching, small group gatherings with all of them leading to more money committed than most in the church thought possible.


Now what? What is the follow up plan to ensure the commitments come in?

It’s actually pretty simple.

  • Write down a plan for the giving phase. How often will we communicate on Sundays during worship? How often will we communicate via email, print and video? It certainly does not have to do be weekly but at a minimum quarterly. Write the plan down and stick to the plan!
  • Leaders (staff and lay) have to be committed to the follow up plan. The capital campaign must be on the staff meeting agenda each week and the lay leader meetings must have the campaign on their monthly agendas as well. Just keep talking about it!
  • Celebrate. When natural calendar opportunities arise (end of year giving, Commitment Sunday anniversaries, ground breaking, giving milestones) be sure to celebrate in worship and through all church communication channels. You cultivate what you celebrate!

Assuming is always a bad idea and it certainly is in the case of commitment fulfillment after Commitment Sunday.  Please do not assume that commitments will come in automatically.  If you are intentional with your communications and celebrations during the giving phase; the commitments will come in (typically at 90% or better).

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