Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Decisions To Make Before The New Year

It’s the middle of December and church staff’s are now in the ‘in between state’ of looking forward to a break with their families and making sure they are paying attention to details for the final days of advent, Christmas Eve services and end of year giving. 

Everyone looks forward to time off around Christmas, but church staffs (especially pastors) don’t have that luxury.  Not only does the Christmas season put high demands on the pastor’s time but the new year is right around the corner with church staff retreats, lay leadership retreats, re-casting of vision and launching the congregation into a new year of ministry.  It is is a tall order being a pastor of a church and December is one of the most demanding months of the year for them.


It’s hard to know where to put your attention during the final weeks of December.  My friends at Vanderbloemen Search Group put together a short e-book for pastors who are searching for direction on how to prioritize their time between now and the end of December.  Check out this e-book to help you through the final weeks of the 2015.


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