Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Celebration in the 3rd Quarter?

Most teams don’t celebrate until the 4th quarter is over (or almost over) nor should they.  However, churches are different in the fact that they should celebrate generosity in every quarter – including the third quarter of this year.


What is your plan to celebrate generosity from Q3 of 2015 in worship?  What happened in your church during the months of July, August and September that need to be publically celebrated?

  • Did the youth go on a mission trip and have some teenagers given their lives to Christ?
  • Did the seniors go on an in-town mission trip where they served the less fortunate?
  • Did your church bring on a new staff member to begin in the fall?
  • Did VBS (or your church’s version) have record highs in attendance this summer?

Whatever it was in your church that needs to be celebrated, please celebrate it!  Show your people (during worship) how the money they invest in your church through giving (tithes and offerings) is making an impact.  People invest money in organizations and causes they believe in and trust.  You build trust by showing the ROI (Return On Investment).  

Connect the dots between an individual’s personal giving and the life change that takes place due to their willingness to give.  If you do, you will see the acceleration of generosity in your church.

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