Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Two Can’t Miss Ways to Beat the Summer Giving Slump

Summer is coming right around the corner.  For many it is a time of rest and vacation.  Unfortunately in the midst of that rest and vacation, our ‘regular church goers’ are not-so-regular during June, July and August.  There is much research out there that shows a direct correlation between giving and attendance; if they are not there, they typically do not give.


SO, how can we encourage people to give during the summer in a way that is uplifting and meaningful?  Here are 2 ways:

  1. Tell stories from the previous school year. Have a series of short videos recapping all of the wonderful mission and ministry opportunities that took place during the school year.  Highlight the people who served, but more importantly the people who were served.  Have one of these videos prepared to show prior to receiving the offering in worship and then send it out via email each week beginning the first week the kids are out of school.  Be sure to include a reminder about the various methods to give financially while not physically present during worship.
  1. Along the same lines of #1, tell stories of celebration regarding the events that are taking place during the summer; VBS, youth mission trips, adult mission trips, special music events, special community outreach opportunities, special guest speakers. Show people ‘what they are missing’ by not being regular attenders during the summer, but more importantly show them the lives that are being positively affected by your church and the people of your church.  Connect the dots that these things do not happen without the financial generosity of the people of the church.  Again, include a reminder about the various methods to give financially while not physically present during worship.  You can have live testimonies in worship, video the testimony, and then send it out via email later that week.

Storytelling is the #1 key to inspiring people to give generously back to God via your church.  Are you telling stories?  Do you need some guidance on how to get started gathering the stories and then telling them for your people?  Let’s connect.

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