Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

The Generosity Bet

Everyone loves a story.  It starts at a young age.  If you are a parent, you undoubtedly spent many hours reading and telling stories to your kids.  We all grow older and the stories change, but we all love stories.
Stories take us somewhere that we might not ever go in our own minds.  Personal stories make concepts and ideas real.  Personal stories often times encourage, challenge, and inspire us.  
Storytelling is critical to helping people understand how fabulous life can be when you live generously and give generously.  I spend a great deal of time as a consultant helping churches and individuals understand the power of storytelling and then how to tell the stories in an effective manner to hopefully inspire individuals and churches to move toward radical lives of generosity.
The Generosity Bet by William F. High is a fabulous compilation of stories of real people who not only understand what it means to live and give generously, but have made it a lifestyle. High has done a great job of finding individuals who give and live generously and are willing to humbly tell their stories in an attempt to encourage other to pursue generosity with a passion.
I found myself encouraged after I read each story.  I intentionally read them one at a time and often times with a day or two break in between each story to allow each story to dwell in my mind for a few days.  
These stories encouraged me and challenged me to analyze my family’s giving portfolio and how we might be able to honor God with a more generous lifestyle.
I encourage you to pick up your copy of The Generosity Bet and begin enjoying the stories.  You will be reminded of how much you still enjoy a good story.

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