Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Pastors, how do you prepare for ‘rain delays?’

I love baseball and all of its’ nuances and cliches.  A line that I have used over the years is “If I could control the weather I would be a rich man.”  Rain and bad weather are as much a part of baseball as home runs and ERA’s.Charlie Brown rain delay

Coaches and Managers can’t control the weather.  In today’s world Doppler Radar certainly makes it easier to predict the weather but the good coaches and managers do not trust weather forecasts.  Coaches make out the line up for today’s game even if the forecast says 100% rain.  You just never know and you want to be prepared in case the umpire says “Play Ball!”

However, good coaches also have a back up plan in case the game gets rained out.Bad weather happens in churches as well.  It typically doesn’t come in the literal form of rain (unless you have a leaky roof) but it definitely ‘rains’ in the life of a church.  Does your church have a ‘rainy day fund?’

At Generis we believe every church should have at least two months of operating expenses in the bank.  The predictable ‘rainy season of summer’ is coming in every church.  You need to have the rainy day fund so you do not have to ask the congregation for more giving just to meet expenses for the summer.  There are also more unpredictable ‘rainy seasons’ in the life of the church that we must be prepared for.

Here is a an example of a church who intentionally worked on their ‘rainy day fund.’

Does your church have a rainy day fund?  If so, was it difficult to get to two months expenses in savings?  If not, what is holding you back from creating that fund?

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