Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Spring Training analysis for your church

Pastors = Manager

Generosity = Baseball Games

Spring Training = Generosity Game Plan

Professional baseball teams go to spring training every year to prepare for the upcoming season.  Hitters work on their swings, pitchers work on their mechanics and fielders work on catching fly balls and grounders.

Why don’t they just jump into the season and start playing games right away?  Did they forget how to play the game from last season?

They go to spring training to prepare, make adjustments, practice and create their strategy for the upcoming season.

Baseball is life.  As a former baseball coach I can make anything relate to baseball and make sense; including generosity in churches.   Over the past decade as a Generosity Coach I have been challenging pastors and church leaders to create a generosity game plan.  There are plenty of others out there encouraging the same thing but offering ‘quick fixes’ in many cases instead of asking questions of the individual church before prescribing.

I recently had a church leader tell me “I utilized a one size fits all tool from an industry expert and it really backfired.  In fact, over half of the people involved in the activity are no longer at our church.  We lost valuable leaders and some of the church’s largest givers; but most importantly we lost momentum.”

Spring training offers the opportunity for managers and coaches to evaluate the player’s strengths and weaknesses and then build on the strengths while minimizing the weaknesses.  Churches should do the same thing before launching a major generosity initiative.

At Generis we utilize the Generosity Audit as a form of spring training for the church’s leadership team.  Learn more about the Generosity Audit.

Have you and your generosity team had spring training this year or in the recent past?  If so, what did you find to be the strengths and weaknesses of your church?  If not, what questions do you feel would be valuable to ask to determine the health of your church’s generosity culture?

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