Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

5 practical methods for pastors to increase giving

I work with pastors everyday and one of the consistent issues I see keeping them from leading their church toward a healthy culture of generosity is focus.  Every pastor should have a strategy when it comes to helping people live and give more generously.  Over the next several posts I will discuss 5 steps for pastors to increase giving.

#1.  The lead pastor must give generously.

  • If the church teaches 10% tithing, the senior pastor must give 10% – at least.
  • If the church teaches generous giving instead of % giving, the senior pastor must give generously and tell the people what generous giving looks like to them. One of my mentors regularly uses a quote to explain leadership in the area of generosity.  He says “People who are being led will not run faster than the senior leader.”  The senior pastor sets the pace for generous giving and generous living for the church.
  • If the people do not know their senior pastor gives generously to the church and beyond, the people will wonder what they should give.

Pastors,  there are responsibilities you can delegate and there are MANY you SHOULD delegate.  However, setting the pace and expectations of what generous giving and generous living looks like in your church is not something you can pass off to someone else.

You can do this!  You were called to do this!  God will walk with you into this journey.  I pray for you and all pastors as you lead in the area of generosity.

Can I help you with this?  I’d love to hear your comments and questions.

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