Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Tithing – Step 2 – Formulate

Teaching tithing in church can prove to be a challenge.  At Generis we want to normalize that conversation.  I started a short series called 3 steps to teaching tithing and I would encourage you to read the initial post and the second post.

Step 2: Formulate a Strategy.  After discerning and discussing what your church’s stance on tithing will/should be you have to then determine how are you going to communicate that info to your people.  Sounds simple right?  If does takes  time and being intentional but you can do it.  Here are some questions to ask and answer as you formulate your communication strategy about tithing in your church:

  • How important is this message?  Is it a 10 out of 10 on the importance scale?  A 5? A 2?  The answer to this question will dictate the answers to the next questions.  (I will proceed assuming you answered an emphatic “10!”)
  • Do you have the full support of the governing body of the church?  (You can’t proceed until you have addressed this.)
  • Do you have the full support of the ENTIRE staff?  (You know how important this is.  You can’t proceed until you address this.)
  • What is our desired outcome from this messaging/communication effort?  To increase giving?  To increase the biblical knowledge/understanding of the people in the church?  To take people down a path toward closer intimacy with God as it pertains to giving?  To fully fund (and beyond) the God-inspired vision of the church? Yes, yes, yes and yes.
  • What communication channels will we use?  Worship?  Print?  Website?  Video?  Social Media?  Small Groups?  Sunday School?  Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.
  • When will we start? (Today!)
  • Do we want to use giving testimonies/stories from the staff, leaders, and laity?  If so, how will we find them?  Who will run point on this?  (Always find someone to own a particular aspect of any strategy.  If no one will own it, then agree not to do it.)
  • Is the pastor going to do a series on tithing?  If so when?  How many sermons?
  • Are we going to do a small group/Sunday school study on generosity to coincide with the sermon series?  If so, do we have buy in from the leaders/teachers?  If not, who is going to address that issue? (It must be addressed.)
  • Write all of this down on a calender with action items, due dates, deadlines and who is responsible for each item.  View a video from me entitled Write it Down! to hear my thoughts on the importance of writing things down.
  • There are more questions to ask and answer and more aspects of a comprehensive strategy but these will build a great foundation for your generosity game plan.
  • Pray.

I am an idea and vision guy.  I have had more “great ideas” come and go in my head than I could ever count.  The only ones that are implemented are the ones that I pray about and God impresses on me the urgency of getting it done.  When the Holy Spirit will not leave me alone or let the idea leave my mind I know that I need to get this done.

I hope you are praying about this topic and seeking God’s counsel.

I ask the question again; Am I making this all sound too simple?  Am I being too “pie in the sky” with my thinking?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please comment below so a conversation can start.  I know there are people out there interested in this topic.

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