Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

5 steps to increase end of year giving

It is that time of year in the non-profit world where everyone is talking about end of year giving.

If you are a church leader then you should too.  It is not uncommon for churches to receive in excess of 25% of their total annual giving in December.  With that in mind does your church have an end of year giving plan?  Here are some basic steps to increase giving for the people who would like to give to your church.

  1. Make your people aware of the accomplishments in mission and ministry for 2013 and celebrate them.  You can do this in worship, video, website, email, letter, Facebook or better yet; all of them.
  2. Send an end of year giving letter to thank the people for their giving thus far in 2013 and to encourage them to consider an end of year gift.  Be sure to include the schedule for the church office during the final days of December.
  3. Email the same letter you mail or consider a video version of the same content included in the letter.  This could be a 2-3 minute video from the pastor.
  4. Make sure your people are aware of the electronic giving options your church has.
  5. Include end of year giving language in the Sunday worship bulletin/guide and in the worship announcements on December 15, 22, and 29.  If you don’t remind them they will forget.

This may seem like a lot to do but the ROI could be substantial.

If you would like a guide for an end of year letter please comment below and/or email me and I will provide it for you and make myself available for questions.

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One reply on “5 steps to increase end of year giving”

Working with my Pastor and Group to raise awareness and funds for an expansion opportunity within a designated amount of time. Would love to see your letter. I am also the Development Director of a faith-based non-profit that could benefit from your letter.

Thank you,

Jan Blake

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