Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Non-Profit Year End giving strategy – Website style

I have been watching Movie Mondays for Fundraising Professionals for over two years now.  Chris Davenport is the creator and I really appreciate his work and his desire to help people like me and you.  Movie Mondays and Chris’s work are geared toward the non-church/non-profit world but I find much of what he provides to be very helpful when working with churches.

This is one of those videos and is an intriguing approach on electronic year-end giving strategies for non-profit organizations. It was written with non-church/non-profits in mind. However, I think there is much for our churches to learn from these strategies.

After you watch the video don’t forget to answer this question and post in the comments section:  How do you think your church would respond if your church followed these steps?


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