Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Capital Campaign = Softened hearts?

This is a busy time right now for me and the churches I am serving this spring.  May 19 is Commitment Sunday for them all and getting prepared for that day and the decisions people will make can be challenging and time consuming.  All of my churches this spring have run great races thus far and are eagerly anticipating a big celebration of what God will do through their people in their giving.

I have been working in this ministry for over 12 years.  I felt called into this work as a ministry and I still feel that way, but lately I have been wondering if I am providing the spiritual leadership that God expects of me.  It is very difficult to get that type of confirmation because you can’t go up to people and ask “Hey, is this campaign having a spiritual impact on your life?”  So, I doubt myself sometimes.  The past few weeks have been one of those seasons where I have begun to doubt myself and my work; especially in the area of spiritual leadership.

I am working with a church in the Atlanta area and I was with them this past Sunday for our final Steering Team meeting.  Every team has its own personality and this one’s personality has been difficult for me to read and know if we are making the type of progress I hope for.  They have been doing things well and I anticipate a financial victory for them on Commitment Sunday.  However, I have really been wondering if we would have the same type of spiritual victory on Commitment Sunday.

As I typically do in Steering Team meetings I asked them on Sunday “What has the conversation been like in your house regarding your family’s financial commitment to the campaign?”  Early on in the campaign process the answers (if any) are usually pretty brief and superficial because the people have not really had a lot of discussion about the commitment.  The question is designed to get them thinking as leaders of the campaign.  As time progresses and we get closer to Commitment Sunday the answers can often times be motivating to others in the room and to me.  This is what I was hoping for at this particular meeting.  Selfishly I really needed some confirmation that the Holy Spirit was working in the lives of these leaders.  I got what I was hoping for.

Laura (as we will call her) has been working on the print communication side of things and as a graphic designer who works at a print shop she has been able to save the church thousands of dollars during the campaign.  Pretty cool stuff.  Laura began to answer my question and it became apparent that God has been moving in her house.

Laura’s husband doesn’t go to church.  He has also been a little frustrated/jealous due to the amount of time Laura has been giving to the print portion of the campaign.  He recently asked her about her commitment to the campaign.  She told him that it looked like her time and gifts of service would be her only commitment as she did not have any extra money at the end of the month to give on top of what she gives in her tithes and offerings.

Laura and her husband divide up the bills and pay them with each of their incomes (this is more common than I ever knew).  She admitted to us in the meeting that he is a better money manager than her so all of her paycheck is tied up in bills because if she has any excess money to spend she will do just that.  They have worked it out between them to try and manage the money they have the best way they can.

Later in their conversation Laura’s husband said “Why don’t I take on a couple of the bills you normally pay so some money will be freed up if you want to give it to the campaign.”  Hello?

There was the affirmation I so desperately needed to hear!  A husband’s heart was softened by the Holy Spirit through his wife’s involvement in a capital campaign.  It will be exciting to see how God will continue to move in Laura’s husband’s heart as the days go by.

If Laura’s story is any indicator of what is going on in the hearts and minds of the other families at this church then there will be a spiritual revival on Commitment Sunday.  Halellujah!

Thank you God for answering my prayers so clearly.

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