Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

The BIG Easter Offering Give Away – Communicate, communicate, communicate!

If you are just joining the conversation today I am trying to help churches go through the steps to ensure that this year’s Easter offering is special and larger than ever.  Sounds like a great idea huh?  Here’s the catch though; we are then going to give the entire offering away.

You probably will want to start at the beginning of the series so this post will make more sense.  Start here.

Here’s where we are in the process:

  • You’ve made the decision to go down the road of giving the Easter offering away.
  • You’ve chosen the ministry that will be the recipient of the offering.
  • You have passionate buy in from the senior leader and the leadership team of the church. (including the finance team)
  • You have your first written piece printed and you are ready to tell your leaders.  We want the leaders to know what is going on first before we tell the entire congregation.
  • You have publicized the Easter offering BIG Giveaway to the congregation in worship (after you have told the leaders in writing)

Now what?

We have to keep communicating.

  • Regardless of what Sunday you choose to make the initial announcement you will need to mention the BIG Giveaway in every worship service until the Easter service.
    • We can’t let a Sunday go by where we do not mention the BIG Giveaway.
      • You can be light with it
      • Serious about it
      • Make an oral announcement
      • Have a video announcement
      • Invite a representative from the organization who will be receiving the offering to come and speak
      • Put it in the bulletin/worship piece
      • Have live testimonies from people in your congregation who have been affected by the ministry (volunteer or recipient)
    • You get the picture right?  You can’t let up but you can’t be obnoxious either.  There will be many people on every Sunday who have no idea what you are talking about so you have to keep introducing the concept and the ministry to receive the offering.
    • However, you have many in the congregation who are there EVERY Sunday and they will grow tired of the constant communication if you are not creative.
    • Remember that the people who are there EVERY Sunday will probably be the ones who give the most money to the offering.  SO BE CREATIVE!!!!!!!
    • Mix up the speakers who talk from the pulpit/stage about the offering.  Please don’t let it be the same person every week.  Please make sure the person is excited about the offering!

Every week when you make the announcement you have to tell the people that we are making a conscious decision to do 52 weeks’ worth of ministry on 51 weeks’ worth of giving.

There is more to come on how to communicate the offering. Stay tuned.

Is this the way you normally communicate big initiatives?  I’d love to hear ideas about communicating.  Start a conversation below on communication ideas.

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