Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Easter offering 2013 – The BIG give away

If you are just joining the conversation today I am trying to help churches go through the steps to ensure that this year’s Easter offering will be special and larger than ever.  Sounds like a great idea huh?  (If you want to start from the beginning look over to the right at the Recent Posts and you can get started.)

Here’s the catch; we are then going to give the entire offering away.  (If you are on a church finance team you probably just passed out.  Hopefully you will keep reading when you regain consciousness.)

Here’s where we are in the process:

  • You’ve made the decision to go down the road of giving the Easter offering away.
  • You’ve chosen the ministry that will be the recipient of the offering.
  • You have passionate buy in from the senior leader and the leadership team of the church. (including the finance team)

Now what?

It is time to roll out the communication plan.

  • Step 1.  Prepare a written explanation of what we are doing and why we are doing it.  Distribute this document (preferably a nice printed piece/not just a letter) to the leaders of your church; elders, deacons, committee chairs, committee members, Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, choir members, praise band members, children’s volunteers, youth volunteers, parking lot volunteers, coffee shop volunteers, etc.
    1. Give your leaders a little ‘inside scoop’ so they can begin being ambassadors for the Big Easter Give Away.
    2. Ash Wednesday is the perfect launch date for the Big Easter Give Away.  February 13 is Ash Wednesday which signifies the beginning of Lent.
    3. Send by mail on Monday, February 11 and by email on February 13.
    4. Remember:  just send it to the leaders.
  • Step 2.  Sunday, February 17.
    1. Have the written document available in the bulletin or worship guide.
    2. Make an announcement in worship prior to the offering being received.  Don’t miss the timing of the announcement.  The senior leader needs to make the announcement just prior to the offering time.  Discuss the Big Easter Give Away and explain that we will be giving the entire offering away to “ABC ministry”.  2013’s budget will be built on 51 weeks’ worth of offerings.  RESIST the temptation to ask people to increase their giving over the next few weeks to make up for the operational dollars we will miss from the Easter offering that we are giving away.  This type of thinking is from a scarcity mindset and not an abundance mindset.
    3. Be sure that you include language about the Big Easter Give Away in the zip code mailer you will be doing to invite people to attend on Easter Sunday.  (You will be doing a zip code mailer right?)
      • Give them something to think about when you send that mailer.  Liven it up.  Create a sense that something will happen beyond the wonderfulness of the Easter service.

Ok, there are your first steps.

You in?

Let’s get started.

More to come.

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