Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Easter offering 2013 – It has to be different

Attendance on Easter is typically the highest of any Sunday for most churches.

The offering on Easter Sunday is either the same or lower than any other Sunday for most churches.

On paper this does not make sense.  If we have more people in worship we should have more people giving, right?

Why doesn’t it typically play out that way?

My thoughts are:

  • Leaders do not understand why so many people attend on Easter and do not come any other time during the year.  The short answer is they come out of a sense of obligation and duty.  Most are not seeking life change or a long lasting relationship with your church.  I know this is harsh but I have found this to be true.
  • You have a lot of out of town guests who attend church elsewhere and they give to their church; not to your church.
  • Leaders know Easter is a great evangelism opportunity and we want to make a great impression.  So we intentionally choose not to talk about giving in fear of scaring the visitors off.  Often times the offering on Easter is down played even more than normal.  Some churches will even go so far as to not have a giving opportunity during the Easter service in fear of scaring people off.
  • Leaders do not understand what motivates an “Easter/Christmas” attendee to give.  Most who come on Easter and Christmas want to give, but not for the same reasons the ‘regulars’ do.  (Well, actually they do.  All people want to give to life change.  No one wants to give to the power bill or the staff salaries.)

So, what should we do?

Let’s do something different this year.

Let’s do something bold.

Let’s do something that will make your finance team respond with “We are going to do WHAT with the Easter offering?”

Let’s do something that will make your ‘regulars’ respond with “I’m not sure about this.”

Let’s do something that will make an immediate and eternal impact.

Let’s do something that will inspire your Easter attendees and out of town guests (and your ‘regulars’) to give and give generously.

Let’s do something that will send a message to your Easter attendees and out of town guests (and your ‘regulars’) that our church is different and we are making a difference.

Let’s do something that will be radical and will be pleasing in the eyes of God.

Let’s give the ENTIRE offering away!  Yep, the entire offering.

You in?

Talk to you tomorrow.

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