Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Easter Offering 2013 – Gotta be different this year

I am not a pastor nor do I work on a church staff.  However, I have been working with churches for over 12 years now.  One of the things that I do that helps me be a better consultant is to make observations and try to connect what I see to what I try to help churches with; generosity.

The observations are countless and some are only one time deals.  However, many observations continue to repeat themselves.  Some examples would be:

  • Signage on church campuses is usually a little worse than awful.  Ever tried to visit a church for the first time and drop your kids off in the nursery?  Frustration affects giving behaviors during worship.  Just sayin.
  • Traditional music worshippers really don’t like contemporary music and think it is not worshipful and contemporary music worshippers really think that traditional music is boring and irrelevant.  (BTW: I think they are all wrong.  Neither style existed when God created the earth.  Hmmm.)  Distractions like this affect our mindset during worship and that affects our giving.
  • Most churches, pastors, leaders, and parishioners take themselves too seriously.  (No, seriously they do:)  People who have a good time in worship are more inclined to give.  I’m not saying you have to entertain them but a little levity goes a LONG way.
  • Most pastors think they talk too much about giving.  A pastor who is worried about what the congregation is thinking during a generosity sermon is not going to exude confidence during the generosity sermon.  This affects people’s giving.
  • Most lay leaders who give generously wish their pastor would talk more about giving.  Generous givers who are thinking “I wish the pastor would teach more on giving so more people will give” are not going to be as generous as they are called to be.  They don’t want to carry their ‘unfair share of the load.’
  • Most of the complaining about ‘talking about giving too much in worship’ comes from people who aren’t giving.  This one speaks for itself.

Ok, enough of my observations and ranting.

Over the past 12 years an eye opening observation I have noticed is that all churches have their highest attendance on Easter and the Easter offering is typically no larger and often times smaller than their regular weekly offering!

What’s up with that?

Is this the case in your church?

Have you ever checked to see if this is the case in your church?

Have you always assumed that the Easter offering is bigger due to the huge uptick in attendance on Easter?

Let’s try and change this trend in your church this year?

Let’s do something different?

Let’s upset the proverbial apple cart.

You in?

Let’s get started tomorrow.  Nothing like a little procrastination.

Check back with me tomorrow and we will get going on a step by step process to make this year’s Easter offering one that no one will forget.

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