Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Questions nobody asks (out loud) in church.

  • Are we a generous church?
  • Is our church budgeting process done the way it is because it is best for our church or because this is the way we have always done it?
  • Are all of the members of our staff generous in their giving?
  • Do we have a generosity game plan that matches the vision and mission of our church?
  • Do we give as much in missions as we should?
  • Do we have the right amount of staff for a church our size?
  • If everyone in the church gave generously we wouldn’t have financial concerns.  How do we achieve this?
  • Where do we spend the money that is given?  I wish the church would be more transparent when it comes to money.
  • Is our offering time a valued part of the worship service?

Have you heard any/all of these questions at your church? 

How do you answer them? 

Do you think you should ask and answer them?

I think you should.  I would recommend getting a group of people together who would be willing and capable to ask and answer these questions.  No one likes to go to the doctor for their annual check-up.  No one likes to re-visit their personal spending budget.  No one likes to take their car in for the 100k tune-up.  We know that we should do these things for the longevity and health of our bodies, finances and vehicles, but we also know we may uncover unwanted ‘stuff’ that is either going to cost us money or sacrifice (or both).

No one likes to subject themselves to potential frustration, pain, and struggle.

However, the beginning of the year is a great time to ‘look under the hood’ at all things generosity in your church.  As the new year unfolds everyone is anticipating great things in their personal lives and in the life of the church.  Nothing is more exciting for church leaders than to have the funding needed to do the ministry they feel called to do!

Your church will have some type of leadership retreat in the month of January or  February to discuss the upcoming year.  This would be a great time to discuss a generosity audit to help your church have a generosity game plan for 2013 to help fully fund the mission.

Are you going to ask the questions?

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