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Alan Wildes


I recently watched a video from a non-profit who decided to do something a little different in that brief window of productive work days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You know what I am talking about; the Monday after Thanksgiving through the second Friday in December?  People want to transition right from the Thanksgiving slow down mode to the Christmas slow down mode but we can’t just ignore our jobs and lives in between.  The three weeks between the Thanksgiving break and the Christmas holidays can be quite productive for many individuals and businesses.

The organization decided to have a ‘Thanks-for-giving’ event for their donors.  They wanted to connect passion and vision.  So they made sure that the vision goals for the following year matched to the passions of the group they invited to the event.  They wanted this particular group of donors to hear where the organization was planning to go in the following year.  This organization has been doing this now for several years.

I really liked this concept and immediately began trying to apply it to the church.  I talk about end of year giving strategies all the time.  I believe a church is making a huge mistake if they do not do something intentional to encourage their people to consider their end of year giving strategy.  This ‘Thanks-for-giving’ concept is the right mindset to have as you enter into this time of planning for end of year giving strategies.  Consider sending a letter and/or video to all of your givers using the following suggestions as a guide.

  1. Thank your people for giving.
  2. Illustrate some clear examples of how the congregations’ giving has helped facilitate life change.
  3. Connect the dots between giving and the staff of your church and how your church helps facilitate life change.
  4. Make sure you cast vision for 2013.  We definitely want to celebrate 2012 but we need to  make sure our people know where we are headed next year.  What are the top 3 things the leadership is most excited about for next year?
  5. Thank your people for giving.

As a leader of your church, are you truly thankful for the giving of your people?  Or do you see their giving as a means to an end?  Do you take time to get to know the giving hearts of your people?  Or do you think all of your people give in the same way and for the same reasons?

As you enter into this end of year giving emphasis always begin with a ‘Thanks-for-giving’ mindset.  I think you will see different results if you do.

Let me know how it goes?  I’d love to share some success stories with others.

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