Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Did 2008 change giving in churches?

The fall of 2008 saw everything in our country change.  The economy collapsed and the world changed for just about everyone.

Churches were no exception.  The financial collapse in our country certainly affected the “economies” of the local church.  One of the owners of Generis, Jim Sheppard, recently had an article published in Church Executive magazine discussing the effects of the financial collapse of the US economy on the churches in our country.

Post 2008 Realities is a view of local churches from around the country through the lenses of the Generis consultants.  We have worked in all types and sizes of churches since 2008 and Jim offers a summary of what we have found to be happening.  I think you will find Jim’s words quite interesting and helpful as you move forward in your church.

Did 2008 affect your church’s economy?  How so?

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