Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Book Review: Rules of the Red Rubber Ball

Any book that includes red rubber ball in the title is going to get my attention.  You played kickball in elementary school right?  Man I loved playing kickball!

I was given The Rules of the Red Rubber Ball by Kevin Carroll a number of years ago by my pastor.  I devoured the little book in one sitting as I think it was designed to be read.  At the time I was helping start the men’s small group ministry at my church and my pastor gave me the book to encourage me in that journey.  It provided great encouragement and inspiration.

I was recently re-arranging the bookshelf in my office and I came upon the small book once again.  I also realized I had two copies because I lent my first one out and couldn’t remember who I let borrow it, so I bought another.  Naturally that person returned the first one a few weeks later.  If you go out and buy another copy of a book because you are afraid you lost the other one it is a pretty good book huh?  It is a really good book.

Kevin Carroll talks about finding and sustaining your life’s work.  He uses his experiences in life and business as the trainer for the Philadelphia 76ers through his work with Nike to show how we all can continue to chase our red rubber ball even into adulthood.  Carroll doesn’t talk about the red rubber ball as “God’s calling” but it certainly takes your mind there.  The book challenged me to reflect back on what truly makes me come alive in life and I always come back to the answer of “teaching and coaching.”

I have been teaching and coaching my entire adult life from teaching in college and high school, coaching countless baseball and basketball teams, teaching children’s Sunday school, to leading a men’s small group in my basement every Friday.  I am alive when I can encourage others and attempt to empower them to do things they did not not think possible.  It is exciting to see people’s eyes light up when they finally hit the proverbial ball.

What brings you alive?  What is your red rubber ball?  Are you still chasing it or are you chasing something else?  Are you chasing your dream or someone else’s?  Life is too short not to play a little kickball with the red rubber ball.  Don’t you think?

Pick up a copy of the book.  Let me know what you think.

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