Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Satan fights generosity. 3 ways to fight back.

The enemy tries to keep us from growing closer to God.  In my opinion his two best tools are communications and money.  Satan and his army are amazingly proficient with using a lack of communication or bad information to cause problems between people.  The enemy also uses money (the love of it) to keep us from being generous.  Often times they are used in tandem.

I feel all people are generous by nature.  Many may disagree with me on this, but that’s the way I feel.  I see it every day.  However, satan is powerful.  I truly believe that.  I believe satan will do anything and everything to keep us from growing closer to God.

I feel closest to God when I know I am in a right relationship as it pertains to my giving and my finances.  When I am a good steward I feel proud of myself and I feel that God is proud of me too.  The enemy loathes that and begins to ramp things up against me.  Wedges begin to be driven between me and God.  In my ignorance and bliss I don’t see the cunning of the enemy and begin to believe the lies being whispered in my ear.

Being generous with our lives and financial resources is biblical, Godly and should come naturally.  Satan is going to do everything possible to make that as difficult as possible.  How do I keep the enemy at bay when it comes to giving and stewardship?

  1. I pray.  I thank God for what he has given me.  I acknowledge that it is all his.  I acknowledge that the enemy is real and does not like it when I am generous.  I ask for God’s help to fight the battles.
  2. I read.  I read books that inspire me.  I read books that encourage me to maintain a close relationship with God.  I read about spiritual warfare and how to fight it.  I read the bible.
  3. I talk.  Many who know me will laugh at that statement.  What I mean is I talk to like-minded people who I know have a close relationship with God and will encourage me and hold me accountable to my beliefs.

Do you struggle with being generous?  Do you think the enemy is involved in that?  If so, how do you combat it?  Please tell me because you will help me and any others who might be reading.

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