Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Tropical Storm Beryl and faith

We have had the blessing of being at Tybee Island over the past week.  The week has been glorious.  Great surf, food, down time, meditation and reflection.  I love the beach.

On Friday tropical storm Beryl was noticed out in the Atlantic and we began tracking its course right toward the Georgia/Florida coast.  The winds picked up on Saturday and by Sunday things were pretty intense with the wind and rain.  It hasn’t been too scary but it is a bit unsettling.  Weather has the ability to unsettle us doesn’t it?

I woke up quite early for me (5:30 am) on this Memorial Day to the wind continuing to pound the waves outside and causing the windows to rattle.  We are in a very safe condominium complex with a lot of concrete to protect us.  Memorial Day also reminded me of the safety I feel living in the United States.  Thank you to all who have gone before us and are serving for us now in the armed forces to keep us safe and free.  We find safety in many different places.

The storm is beginning to lessen a little, but I am still a bit unsettled as I type.  I posted on Facebook earlier this week that I could hear God in the waves as I sat on the beach and realized this morning that I can hear God in the wind as well.  Many have made the analogy that the wind is like the holy spirit; you can’t see it but you certainly know it is there.  I woke up this morning with a renewed sense that God is there; even in the storm

I/we have been struggling with life a little lately with family, health and work issues.  The enemy has certainly tried to do his thing during the past weeks, but I have had the ability to pray against the attacks and have had many people pray on our behalf as well.  We all go through ups and downs in our lives and how we deal with them reveals a lot about who we are and where we place our trust.

This morning I was reminded by God through the winds of Beryl; “I am here and you just need to trust me.  I have never let you down before.  Why would I start now?

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