Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Generosity. More than money. It’s a lifestyle.

My two children attend a school for home schoolers one day a week.  My son is in the fifth grade and has been attending this school for home schoolers for 6 years and my daughter for 3.  They both enjoy it very much.  It gives them some consistent interaction with kids in a more traditional setting.

We recently received an email from one of my son’s teachers (We will call her Mrs. Smith).  She was very concerned with a conversation she overheard between my son and another boy.  My son Jackson has known this boy for a few years and they are pretty good friends.  In the 11 year old boy conversation the teacher overheard this boy call Jackson ‘the son of an unwed mother.’  As you might imagine Mrs. Smith was alarmed but chose not to make a scene as she had a hunch that the boy did not know the meaning of the word and Jackson didn’t get upset or even really laugh because as we found out; he did not know the word either.

However, Mrs. Smith did choose to contact the other boy’s parents and us to let us know what happened.  We chose to let a week go by and allow the boys to have class together again to see what transpired.  Later that afternoon Jackson brought home an unopened note and it was from the other little boy.  It was addressed to us and it was the most precious note you have ever read in your life.  He was SO sincere and so apologetic.  He had no idea what the word meant.  He was just trying to be cool; as 11 year old boys will do.

So, we talked to Jackson, explained everything to him, he barely remembered the conversation because he thought nothing of it.  The following week we asked him how things went with his friend and he said they were “all good.”  We thought that was the end of it.

Today Pam received the following email from Mrs. Smith .  It will warm your soul.

Pam and Jackson,
     Thank you so much for the Bruster’s gift card.  What a great year we have had and what fun it has been to teach Jackson and get to know him.  I have really enjoyed his enthusiasm and seeing his eagerness for science and his desire to try hard and get good grades.
     Pam, I will tell you though that there is one thing that will stick with me about your son. After everything took place with Jimmy in class, I watched Jackson put his arm around Jimmy as they walked out the door the day Jackson and Jimmy both knew about the situation.  All I could hear was boy talk about how it was no big deal and that they were buddies and it was all I could do not to tear up right there!  It is an image that will forever be engraved in my mind.
     Obviously, we could have all done without the situation to begin with, but what a gift it was for me to see how God used it and how Jackson encouraged Jimmy.   Those are the moments we see why God allows things and how glorified he was!!!   How great is the God we love and serve!
     I wish you all a wonderful summer.

Generosity can be shown through so many outlets.  I am so proud of my son and his generous heart!  Thank you God for my son.

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