Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Meeting on the Mound

There comes a time in every baseball game when there is a visit to the mound from the pitching coach. The topics can range from the problems with the first baseman’s glove, to the quirks of the pitcher on the mound to gifts for the second baseman’s upcoming wedding. (For all you Bull Durham fans)

Most of the time though the discussion on the mound is centered around the upcoming batter or the bunt coverage needed or simply checking if there is any gas left in the pitcher’s tank. Regardless, the coach is out there to assess the situation and determine the best next step.

I find this time of year (with summer coming) is when most church staff’s and leaders need a meeting on the mound to assess the situation and determine the best next step as it pertains to their generosity game plan. Game plans are designed to get us started on the right direction but as the game progresses the coaches and players must adjust to the conditions around them.

Church calendars ebb and flow with the regular calendar. The time between Easter and summer vacation is critical as it pertains to cash flow for the operations of the church. Giving is typically pretty good in most churches during this time as tax returns come in and people are inspired by lent and the power of Easter. However, summer is coming soon and we all know that attendance drops during the summer and attendance affects giving.

What should you do? You need a meeting on the mound to asses your church’s situation and decide on the next best step. The basic next step for any church to prepare for the summer season is to have an electronic giving strategy. Does your church have an electronic giving strategy? If not, you need one.

Leave me a comment if you need help with your electronic giving strategy.  Please let me know how I can help you get going or if I can make a visit to the mound as your Generosity Coach and help you assess the situation.  The next best step may be a generosity audit to assess your game plan.

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