Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Is your church website an electronic bulletin board?

A couple of weeks ago I discussed the #1 goal of church communications.  The #1 goal is to celebrate life change.  That is what we are all about as a church.  We are in the business of changing lives, right?

Communicating with church people is as challenging as communicating with any other group. We have to be multi-faceted in our approach and we have to be relentless without being obnoxious. In the electronic world we live in the church website is critical (or it can be) to communicating with the people.  However, most churches view the primary focus of the website is to serve the people who are already there instead of an outreach tool to the community and people looking for a church home.

I recently heard Jim Sheppard, my friend and co-owner of Generis, ask the question “Is your church website an electronic bulletin board or does it illustrate who your church truly is?”  The number one way people find your church when they are looking for a church is through the web.

  • What message is your website communicating to someone who is on your site for the first time thinking about attending a worship service this Sunday?
  • When someone attends your worship service for the first time after visiting your website, will they KNOW who the church is and how they are changing lives before they get there?
  • Will they KNOW what the church values are prior to attending a worship service for the first time?

Should your website have a calendar of events, directions to the church, a worship schedule, what to expect for my kids, and all of that stuff?  Absolutely!  It just doesn’t need to be  the first thing you see on the home page.

Illustrate life change that is happening in your church.  Show a first time visitor what your church is all about.  Make sure they know what your church values the most.  Use video if possible.  If not, put it in writing.  Give them an appetizer before they get to the dinner if you will.

A good illustration of a website that shows who they are and what they value is out of Charlotte, NC.  I think you will have a good feel for what that church values without clicking on a single tab.

A good church communication plan includes a website that illustrates life change and places a high value on it.

People give to life change.

How does your church website fare in the world of church websites?  Go to and find out.

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2 replies on “Is your church website an electronic bulletin board?”

Alan, Just wanted to drop a note and tell you how much I appreciate all the help and guidance you’ve provided at Morningside. I’ve learned a lot and then I discovered your wonderful blog as well.

Thanks and God bless,

Phil Martin


You are too kind.

The video is spot on. It’s sort of cool to see the story board come to life isn’t it? Great job by you and by all who were involved.

I look forward to seeing/hearing everyone’s response to the video.

Have a great Easter. See you soon.

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