Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

ROI & Giving. Are they connected?

Are return on investment (ROI) and giving connected?  Duh.

I recently participated in a workshop for the Atlanta/Decatur/Oxford (ADOX) of the North GA UMC Conference.

I asked the question “Do you give to other organizations other than your local church?”  Most responded yes.

I asked “Who do you give to and why?”  One gentleman answered that he gives to the United Negro College Fund and the reason was “I believe in what they are doing and how they are helping young people have a chance at a college education.”  He believes in what they are doing.

I went on to ask him “Why do you believe in them so much?”  He responded, “They changed my life.  I was able to go to college because of them and the UNCF is the only way that many can go to college today.”

He personally benefited from the organization and he sees how the organization is helping facilitate life change in others.  He SEES the ROI on his giving.  How does he see it?  The organization shows him.

Are you showing the people of your church the ROI on their giving to the kingdom?

  • Illustrating ROI builds trust.
  • People give to organizations they trust.

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