Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Celebrate the summer!

School is getting ready to start for most, the routines begin again, and church attendance usually rises in most churches.  People come back with a renewed outlook and ready to tackle the new school year and ministry year at the church.  How will you welcome them back?  I would recommend you welcome them back with celebrations from the summer and how your church helped change lives during the summer.

  1. Celebrate your children’s ministry; VBS, camps, and retreats.  Give people some statistics and numbers and show them that the money they invest in the church is having an impact on children’s lives within your church and outside the walls.  Here’s an example of a simple and quick video used by a church after the “blessing of the back to school backpacks” during the children’s moment in worship and just before the offering.  The purpose is to connect the dots between generosity and children’s lives being changed.
  2. Celebrate your youth ministry.  The summer is the time of year when the youth are typically very active in missions.  Highlight the trip(s) they took with pictures and video and have some of the youth give testimony in worship.  Have them talk about how the mission trips were and how they affected their view on life.  Have the youth pastor then conclude the time by thanking everyone for their generosity which in turn allows the youth to participate in life changing events.
  3. Celebrate adult mission trips.  Summer finds adults participating in local, regional, and global mission trips.  Celebrate the trips in worship with pictures and video and testimony.  Have adults share how their lives were changed and talk about the life change they witnessed.
Changing lives and leading people to Christ is what we are all about.  Let’s show our people that our church is doing just that.  The best way to do this is to celebrate in worship.

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