Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

July giving strategy – 3 suggestions

Summer is here and in many churches attendance is down as people vacation and utilize the shorter school break than what most of us experienced.  Let’s face it, attendance goes down in most churches in the summer and it is proven that giving is directly related to attendance in worship.  So, what are you doing to be proactive to help giving?  (I also ask the question what are you doing to help attendance during the summer?  Read a previous post about that.)

  1. Promote electronic giving.  Make sure your congregation knows ALL of the electronic methods they can give to your church.  Tell them in worship every Sunday during July (and August), send out an email blast with a link directly to the giving page on your website, and send them an encouraging note with a testimony of life change or generosity (more on that in #2) and include the electronic giving info in the letter as well.
  2. Celebrate the life change that has happened at your church during the first half of the year.  Have testimonies in worship (be sure to video them to put on the website), have inserts in the bulletin, send out an email with a link to the video testimony done during the previous week in worship, send a letter with your second quarter giving statements (more on that in #3).  People give to life change.  SHOW them how your church is helping to change lives.
  3. Send out 2nd quarter giving statements.  As long as you can get out the statements in July they are relevant.  Giving statements are critical for many of your people to stay on track.  Most givers do not have a clue how much they have or have not given in the current year!  Make sure you keep them updated.  Send a cover letter with your giving statements.  I have included a sample for you to utilize if you like.
Be proactive in July!  You do not have to have a huge dip in giving, but you must DO something about it.  Let’s not sit and wait for August to get here to help giving go back up.  You can help it right now!!!!

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