Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

10 ways my wife is generous

On Wednesday, May 18 Pam and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  20 years!  Not only did I find someone to say “I do”, but she still says she loves me after 20 years.  Pretty amazing and humbling!

As Pam and I reflected on our marriage I began to think about how generosity is one of THE keys to making a marriage be vibrant, passionate and lasting.  Marriage is a give and take and not a place to keep score.  Pam is a generous person and she lives a generous lifestyle.  This morning I reflected on ways that my wife is generous.

  1. She home schools our two children.  Generous with her time & talents.
  2. She runs an amazing household.  Generous with her time, thoughts & talents.
  3. She volunteers at the church.  Generous with her time & gift of hospitality.
  4. She loves me and my kids unconditionally.  Generous with her love (& mercy:)
  5. She is a rock solid friend to so many women.  Generous with her words, love, & compassion.
  6. She is a mentor to several young women.  Generous with her love, time & wisdom.
  7. She makes meals for people ALL the time.  Generous with her talents, time & love.
  8. She is a fabulous host.  Generous with her gift of hospitality & time.
  9. She is wonderful daughter.  Generous with her love and compassion.
  10. She is an awesome wife to me.  Generous with her love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, talents, I could go on and on.
So many times when we hear the word generosity we automatically think of money; especially in the church.  Being generous with money is ONE aspect of being a generous person.  However, being truly generous is a lifestyle.  Pam lives that lifestyle.  I am a lucky man.

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