Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Top 3 reasons we don’t talk about giving in worship.

Over the past 11 years in this ministry I have had discussions about stewardship and generosity almost everyday.  I don’t know that there is a subject that causes more angst in the church than this one.  So when I start advising pastors and church leaders to talk about it in worship they often times look at me with a strained look on their faces.  I understand why leaders are a little less than excited about discussing giving in worship but that shouldn’t stop us from doing it if we know it is biblically sound and the right thing for our people.

I have heard a multitude of reasons to not talk about giving in worship, but here are the top three based on my discussions.  They are in no particular order:

  1. “I’m just not comfortable talking about money.”  I get that (to a degree).  However, talking about and teaching biblical tithing improves people’s spiritual walk with God and the amount of money available to the church to do mission and ministry. Church leaders may need to get out of their comfort zones.
  2. “The church leaders (30% who give 80% of the dollars to the church) will get irritated.”  Quite the contrary.  The 30% want the other 70% to get on board with giving.  If talking about giving in worship will help that, the 30% will be more than patient with you while you teach tithing and who knows; the 30% may learn something in the process as well.
  3. “I don’t like asking for money.”  You don’t have to ask for it.  The bible makes it clear that God calls us to give.  If the biblical message is presented, God will make that message clear to the people of your church.  God expects us to give and tells us all of the promises that He will deliver when we do.
Let’s get the generosity conversation going in worship.
Are there other reasons church leaders do not talk about giving in worship?  If there are others I’d love to hear them from you. Please share and I can add them to another post.

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3 replies on “Top 3 reasons we don’t talk about giving in worship.”

All good points. On the other side, here is are some reasons that we don’t like to hear about giving during worship. We may be giving with all heart (and accounts) and all that seems to be happening is better food at the events and nicer cars in the parking lot. Programs are increased but the works of God decrease. Changing the world has been replaced with changing the paint or such.
Deep down inside, most want to give. But, we really want to know that we are giving to what God has called us to.

Absolutely true Brian. When I am working with churches I am trying to help them understand the value of showing the congregation how the dollars are being used. If the leadership buys into the concept they have to then be more aware of where the dollars are going. Most churches are doing good things. ALL churches could do more. The problem I find is that most leadership groups of churches move on to the next project and forget to tell people thank you and show them how the dollars they invested in a project or ministry or mission have gone to change lives. Teaching biblical tithing and stewardship is only one component of helping a church accelerate its’ current culture of generosity. It takes a holistic approach and patience on behalf of the leaders to see things change.

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