Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Does your church have a Generosity Team?

Does your church have a generosity team?

Most answer “no” to that question when I ask.  It is shortly followed by “What exactly are you talking about when you say ‘Generosity Team’?”  “We have a stewardship committee that helps plan the fall operating budget emphasis.  Is that what you are referring to?”

An existing stewardship committee is a good start.  However, most churches do not have that.  When I say Generosity Team I am referring to a group of people who live their lives generously and are committed to helping other individuals live the same life as well as to help their church have a vibrant and passionate culture of generosity.

Do you have those people in your church?  I guarantee you that you do.   We just are not accustomed to thinking this way.  We think stewardship and generosity are ONLY about money and NOBODY wants to be on that team!  Who wants to talk about money all the time especially in the church?  NOBODY does!  I don’t and you don’t and that is NOT the purpose of a generosity team.

Being a truly generous person is not something that you do; it is a lifestyle.  You know people like this.

  • People who put others needs in front of their own.
  • People who always pick up the tab and not because they want to impress you, but because it is their pleasure.
  • People who always greet the new neighbors when they move into the neighborhood and carry a meal to them and offer a list of all the local favorite hang outs and businesses.
  • People who always send you a birthday card, Christmas card, and a sympathy card when there is a death in your family.
  • People who always volunteer at church for a ton of things and make you wonder “How and why do they do that?”

You know the people I am talking about.  Those are the people you want on the Generosity Team; people who live life generously and want to share it with others.  What does a Generosity Team look like?  At a minimum you need people to focus on the following:

  • Preaching
  • Prayer
  • Communications
  • Celebrations
  • Education

There are other positions many churches utilize, but these are the essentials.  Do you have four people, other than your senior pastor, who are passionate about generosity and want to help others in your church become more generous?  I bet you do.  Go look for them and when you find them engage them in conversation about cultivating generosity in your church.

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