Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Can our church raise money now?!?

I talk with pastors almost daily.  As you might imagine, a hot topic these days for pastors is the current financial condition of their church.  As we discuss their church and their particular situation I always find the pastor would like for the church to have more financial resources to do more ministry to help expand the Kingdom.   The pastors know it is up to them to help address the situation, but many do not have active plans to address the situation. 

I follow up this dialogue with the question: “So, what’s holding you back from addressing the situation?”  I get many common responses.  I listed the four most common in a previous post if you would like to read them all.  I am often talking with pastors about their church’s plans to expand their facilities.  While having this dialogue I receive another common response; “I know we need more space, but how do we present this need to the congregation without being perceived the wrong way?”

This is a valid question and I can understand pastors and leaders wanting to get it right.  I offer these suggestions as church leaders move forward with the plans to build and expand their physical campus:

  1. Growth is expensive.  If you have children you know this statement is true.  Many churches are growing during these tough economic times as people are seeking the church out to provide hope for their worries and doubts.  As the church grows in numbers of people we need to be prepared to accomodate.  Facilities growth is expensive; is it worth the investment?
  2. Progress provides hope.  In tough times people want hope and the number one place they look is the church.  Our country has crawled out of  recessions/depressions by looking forward and building.  More churches were built during the Great Depression than in any other decade in our history.  People in congregations will view a well laid out plan to expand as reason to be hopeful and optimistic about their church, community and even personal financial situation.
  3. People give to vision.  People give to organizations/causes that change people’s lives.  When we give to God via our local church we would like to see how the dollars given will impact others for good.  A new facility should provide opportunities to reach more people internally and externally.  A clear vision is the key to helping people get on board for a building campaign.  People will give in these tough economic times if the vision is clear, concise, and compelling.

I’d love to hear your comments; especially if your church is planning to build in the near future.  Do my comments make sense or am I out of touch?  Please let me know.

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