Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Pastors: 3 reasons it is the right time to talk about money!

I talk with pastors almost daily.  As you might imagine, a hot topic these days for pastors is the current financial condition of their church.  As we discuss their church and their particular situation I always find the pastor would like for the church to have more financial resources to do more ministry to help expand the Kingdom.   The pastors know it is up to them to help address the situation, but many do not have active plans to address the situation. 

I follow up this dialogue with the question: “So, what’s holding you back from addressing the situation?”  I get many common responses.  I listed the four most common in a previsous post if you would like to read them all.  The first one listed is “I’m not sure if it is the right time to talk about money.”  My immediate and passionate reply is “If not you pastor, who?”

Reasons why it is the right time for pastors to talk about money:

  • Many regular church attendees do not have a good understanding of what the Bible has to say about giving.  The culture is certainly not going to teach them.  It is ALWAYS the right time to teach your people what the Bible has to say about giving and how it relates to their personal situations.
  • Many people are hurting  and fearful right now as it pertains to their finances.  Many are either unemployed or underemployed.  Many people’s financial situations are the same or very similar to that of pre-August 2008 levels, but they are fearful.  All of these people want reassurance that God is in control and want to know why trusting God with their finances is what they should do and they want to hear that from YOU!
  • Every time you talk about giving, giving will go up.  I challenge you to try this and track it.  You can’t talk about giving money every week, but you can do it regularly (at least once a month).  You can talk about generosity every week and you can thank your people for being generous every week and this will allow you to talk about giving on a regular basis.  Try it!

Pastors, God called you to lead your people toward a passionate, active and personal relationship with God; this includes stewardship.  God will provide you with the knowledge, strength, and words to teach, encourage, and empower your people to become passionately generous with their financial resources.

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