Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Summer Stewardship Plans

Summer is here and many churches are taking a quick breather from the end of year frenzy with school ending, graduations, and the like.  Many churches have gone into V BS mode and youth mission trip mode as well.  Summers can be just as busy as any other time of year for churches.  I feel it is also a great time to get some plans laid for the fall; especially as it pertains to stewardship.

Many churches have a stewardship emphasis in the fall of each year in preparation for the ensuing years’ operating budget.  Many churches like to have the stewardship emphasis begin and end before Thanksgiving and the Christmas season, which I think makes a lot of sense.  The one common mistake I see on a regular basis is most churches do not begin to prepare for the stewardship emphasis soon enough. 

Planning for a fall stewardship emphasis needs to happen in the summer.  August or September is simply too late!  We want the stewardship emphasis to be transformational and of high quality and that takes time and preparation.  In my opinion planning should begin no later than July.  Is your generosity/stewardship team ready.  Do you have preliminary plans ready for the stewardship emphasis this fall?  Who is going to take the lead?  How many sermons will the pastor preach on stewardship this fall? (more than one I hope)

Please begin the conversations about your fall stewardship emphasis today!  It is time to get started.

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