Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Generosity comes from everywhere

I was playing golf with my dad and younger brother yesterday.  My dad told me a story about my nephew, who is a freshman in college and is playing golf on the college team. 

The team was playing in the conference tournament.  After two days of competition it was evident that Jacob’s team was not going to be able to move on to the national tournament.  However, their top golfer was in contention for the medalist honor (lowest cumulative score by an individual in the tournament).  This was significant because the medalist gets to go to the national tournament even if his team does not qualify. 

Jacob received an electronic yardage finder for Christmas.  This little gadget allows you get exact distance from your ball to your target from anywhere on the course.  This is a valuable tool for any golfer.  These devices are allowed in amateur tournaments but not in professional golf.  Jacob’s teammate in contention for medalist asked Jacob on the final day if he could borrow the yardage finder because he did not have one and Jacob’s would allow him to be more confident in the yardage which in turn leads to more confidence in club selection.  Jacob agreed to allow his teammate to use the device in the final round.  Jacob sacrificed his own competitive edge to hopefully allow a teammate to perform better.  Good stuff!

I wish the story had a wonderful and happy ending and I could tell you that the teammate won the medalist award and is competing in the national tournament this week, but I don’t have that ending.  The young man played well but not well enough to win the medalist award.  It doesn’t matter for this story though.  My nephew is a generous young man who is willing to put others ahead of his own needs.  Isn’t that awesome?  His parents (my brother and sister in law) have done a good job or raising Jacob.  He is a great kid with a generous heart.  Isn’t that all we can hope for as parents?  If our kids have generous hearts won’t they be ok?  I think so.

Thank you Jacob for teaching me about generosity.

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