Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Being generous is much more than giving money.

I spend most of my work time thinking about churches and generosity and how I can empower church leaders to climb to new levels as it pertains to helping their people give more of their finances back to God.  Stewardship and generosity definitely have more components than money such as being generous with our time, talents, prayer, and service just to name a few.  But let’s face it; I work for a consulting firm who helps churches raise money.  I usually am blogging, writing, and talking about helping churches be more generous with their dollars.

Well, this post is different.  I love sports and I love the life lessons athletics can teach boys and girls through winning, losing, competing, practicing, succeeding and failing.  I am a jock through and through and nobody was more competitive growing up than I was.  I’m sure there were plenty who were as competitive, but nobody despised losing more than me and nobody loved winning more than me.  As I have gotten older and am now a father my perspective on winning and losing has certainly changed.  Please don’t get me wrong; I still hate losing and love winning, but there are definitely life lessons to be learned in between the wins and losses.

My wife sent me a link yesterday and it summed up my feelings on winning and losing as I am now a grown man.  Even if you do not like sports, you will be moved by this article.  Enjoy.  I’d love to hear your comments.,238912

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