Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Tunnel Vision – Churches can be paralyzed by it

A friend of mine blogs in her own way.  She sends out thoughts via mass email with her thoughts of that particular day.  Her most recent communication was on “tunnel vision” and I thought it was well done.  I couldn’t help but think about our churches and how many have had tunnel vision over the past 18 months regarding their budgets, finances, and giving.  I hope our churches will heed Dell’s advice below.  Here is an excerpt:

Tunnel vision – seeing only what is straight ahead, never looking back…that might not be too bad, especially when looking back at the pain but what about missing the pleasures and happiness that is behind me?  What about the things to my right and to my left? Never being able to see them – all that I would miss out on….Many times I experience tunnel vision by seeing only where I want to go and not where I am being led.  I am so sure I know the way…good vision is seeing the whole, but when it is tunneled very little is seen…

Light at the end of the tunnel…some tunnels are short and you never get into darkness at all.  Some tunnels can be very long and it is so dark, as you travel through there appears a small light at the end of the tunnel, the closer you get to the end, the bigger the light…

Faith is being in the tunnel of darkness and pushing yourself to have the courage to keep moving forward until the light is spotted…hope grows when the light begins to get bigger…Love is getting to the opening and being bathed in the Light of the Son and our Father.  In all tunnels there are the ups, the downs, the sideways, the upside downs and the chaos but these are brought together in the goodness of the Light. Tunnels are fun and scary…I thank God for the experiences and especially the Light and Love at the end of the tunnel…
Have a great day in your tunnel and it’s dark in there-keep looking for that glimmer of light!

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